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Specialist Headshot Sessions

At Boem Headshots, this is our speciality and we focus on getting you the images you need, no fuss, no “sales”. Just great headshots, guaranteed.

Boem Headshots is the leader in Specialised, Creative and Honest Headshot sessions that create value, variety, and leave our clients with valuable marketing and branding assets. We create and grow brands through expert photographic and video headshots that compel audiences and create rapport in seconds. Our process is based deeply in human psychology and we’ve created a style that works, no matter what you’re trying to achieve in life and work. We work with people from all walks of life and stages of career to create valuable marketing tools to build business and online presences that wow markets and deliver real results. No matter what goals you have, a great headshot is the first place to start... get the best, right upfront!


Our package has been designed to create value and keep costs down.

The Package and Rates

A combined Studio, Cinematic and Environmental approach, specifically designed to give you variety, choice and massive impact.

At Boem Headshots we offer a combined Studio, Cinematic and Environmental approach, specifically designed to give you the images you want and need with added value, options and variety. There are no limits, any outfit, any style, all within a 90 minute window.

How we work

We always start in the studio with a quick intro and chat to find out exactly what you’re after and how we can best create that for you. The next step is to get you under our lights and run you through our industry leading coaching and styling system which will have you looking your best in no time at all! Our coaching style focuses on maximising your features while shooting for the psychology of the viewer and maximising your impact. Then we hit it hard and create images that will blow you and your audience away! That’s it! No mess, no fuss, no gimmicks.

The Investment

  • Headshot Session: $345.00 Excl. GST

  • 5 minute get to know you video call

  • Specialist Headshot coaching and styling from the best in the business

  • 90 minutes of shooting time

  • A minimum of 150 proof images to choose from.

  • 4 Naturally Retouched Images Included (Additional Retouched Images are $30.00 each)

  • Black and White versions included

  • Backgrounds and styles: Unlimited

Sound Good? You bet it does. We can’t wait to get you in the studio so hit the button below and book your session today!

Additions to any shoot

  • Additional images selected from your proofs: $30(excl GST) each (retouched and ready to go)

  • Social media video (up to 30 seconds to be discussed and designed with you): $295 (excl GST)


We want to make things easy for you.

Payment options for your Headshots

This is an investment. We understand that sometimes the money can get in the way, even if it’s worth it… so, our payment options are designed to make it a little less stressful for you.

We now offer a variety of options to make your headshots affordable and easy. You are free to choose the best option for you, and your budget. Whatever works for you, we can work with. So here goes:

Option 1: Cash on the day

You are welcome to make your session payment in cash on the day of your shoot. This is our preferred payment method and removes any delays in the selection and editing process. If you choose this option, there is a special gift in it for you… ask us what it is when you see us!

Option 2: Invoice on Selection

We are super happy to send you a complete invoice once you’ve been through the proofs and made your final selection, we’ll collate your selections and send you a full and final invoice for you to pay via EFT. You make one payment and this will keep things very easy for you.

Option 3: Payment Plan

Maximising your time and value with us is easy. We want you to have as many images as possible, to make your marketing and branding as easy as possible. So we’ve designed a Payment Plan for our clients that want a little more from us but also value piece of mind in their options. How does it work? We’ll set you up with a ZERO INTEREST plan through Paypal for you to be debited directly from your bank account for 3 equal payments over 3 months.



What to bring to your Headshot Session


So you’ve booked in to change your life. What’s next? Well, the packing and outfit selection is the biggest challenge you’ll have. RULE OF THUMB: Bring as much as is practical for you. Anything you LOVE wearing, shows some personality and fits well. Bring it all. We will help you design some looks to flatter and compliment what you’re trying to achieve. Don’t forget the accessories you wear all the time, thing like scarves, jackets, glasses, vests, really anything you feel is YOU. Bring it. We’ll make it work!

Makeup and Grooming

Less is more here. The lighting and styles we use are very forgiving and we don’t need you to wear much. Think “interview” or “audition”. Light, easy, nothing heavy. NO SHIMMER or BRONZER or anything shiny as it will affect the lighting and make your skin look unnatural. Use natural foundations where possible and remember to blend the face and neck, keep the eyes to a minimum and lips relatively natural. It’s super easy to add makeup, but it would be a shame to have to take it all off if it’s not right.

For the guys: We prefer you natural. If you have facial hair, come with it, you can always shave here and that will give you two different looks too.


Booking in has never been this easy.

Book your Headshot session online now.

Getting in is easy and super simple

Select the best possible day and time for you and book it in. Our complete availability is visible here so the option should be easy for you. We’ll need a credit card for security, but no payment will be taken without your express instruction, it’s purely to confirm your appointment. You’ll receive a confirmation email and you’re set to go!