Many people have asked me what makes a great headshot. To them I say: stop over-complicating it. A great Headshot is simply the subject/person/egg and their connection to the camera/person behind it. 

It's not about the photography, the lighting, the style (although, those can help) it's more about the interaction and the relationship between two people and how that translates into an image.

As humans, we are trained to "look" a certain way, very often this is as a direct result of how we see ourselves and not based in the reality of the situation. A great headshot can transcend this problem and grab the real juice from a person and give it character and style.

So, A Great Headshot has the power to look into a person, passed all the levels of fakeness, and project a true reflection of the emotion that person was feeling in that moment... the trick is to give them the right emotion...

Thought for the week: A Great Headshot is transcendent. How could a great, honest, and stunning image of yourself help you in your career and future?

Feel free to share your thoughts here with me.