Dress for the job you want, not the job you have... RIGHT???? Maybe not...

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have... RIGHT???? Maybe not...

We've all heard this little pearl of wisdom: "dress for the job you want, not the one you have". What does it mean? How does this little statement affect your life? Well, as it turns out, the world's not perfect and we're all human... We judge people on how the look, act, what they say and what they don't say based on our own internal beliefs and biases.

Here's a snippet from an article I found this morning:

I’ve hired and promoted people who looked the part... and they turned out to be all show and no go. I’ve hired and promoted people who didn’t look the part at all... and they turned out to be superstars. I’m convinced that how you look and, at least to a large degree how you act, has nothing to do with your skill and talent and fit for a job.

Still, he’s right: the world isn’t perfect. People still make assumptions about us based on irrelevant things like clothing and mannerisms... and height and weight and age and gender and ethnicity and tons of other qualities and attributes that have absolutely no bearing on a person’s performance.

So are you better off trying to conform?

Unfortunately, probably so. The people doing the hiring and promoting are people — and people tend to be biased towards the comfortable and the familiar. People tend to hire and promote people who are much like themselves. (If you remind me of me... then you must be awesome, right?)
— http://www.linkedin.com/pulse/article/20141030124329-20017018-does-how-you-look-and-dress-impact-your-career-sadly-yes?trk=tod-home-art-list-large_0


What does this mean for your career? Well in a nutshell, it basically means that if you want a promotion or another job, you NEED to look the part. You need to LOOK like someone who already has the job. I know this is a simplistic way to looking at it but that doesn't make it any less true.

I've seen this in my own career. I've long held the belief that in order to get ahead and be respected by your peers, you need to have the good corporate job... that meant I had to be wearing a suit everyday. While I have no problems with corporate life... it never really suited me and I felt very isolated in my grey 2-piece. I did however LOOK like the rest of them. It was only recently that I discovered it didn't matter how much I looked like the other guys, I wasn't one of them and needed to start looking for an alternative.

In my case, I knew I wasn't cut out for the corporate world, and it wasn't until I realised this that I became who really was... So, if you take anything away from this... Don't dress for the job you want... dress for who you are... THAT job may or may not find you... if it does, it's yours for who you are... if it doesn't... it was never you anyway.

Have a fantastic week! And here's a little but of advice for those in career-crisis: Be who you are... the right job will find you! In the mean-time it can't hurt having a fantastic headshot... so come se me for the best headshot you've ever had.