Ok so I get this questions all the time: What makes a great profile pic? So I thought I'd answer it in a series of articles... this being the first... based on the eyes.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. Some of us might not want this to be the case but I promise it is. There are a few factors that play a huge part in how you're perceived in your online profiles and specifically how your eyes play a part in your overall image.


Lets break it down.

The data i'll be referencing is based on 60000 ratings given for a series of profile pics in the US. I'll share the findings and give you my take on it...



TIP #1 : Squinch those eyes people!!!

A slight narrowing of the eyes makes you look 3x more confident and capable. With your eyes wide open, you generally look like you're about to get an enema. Don't do it!

Eyes wide open generally means you're afraid or nervous... not a good look for a professional image.


Generally we prefer to see the eyes in pictures, it helps to create a human connection with the viewer. If your eyes are obstructed by, let's say, sunglasses... overall it may make you look more mysterious, but will also make you SIGNIFICANTLY less likeable to the viewer. There's no human connection formed. If your eyes are partly covered by your hair or shadow, that's ok.


1. Narrow your eyes in pictures

2. Leave the sunnies in your car

I hope you find this little bit of science useful. It's stuff we've been preaching for years now but I think it's becoming more and more important in our online lives to portray our best possible selves (without going to far).

Thanks for reading!


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