People think we make and sell pictures...

Preview :: Amelia :: Dancer Headshots

Hi there! Welcome to Boem Headshots! We take pictures of you for you to use... That's it, right? Wrong. Most people out there believe that photographers take pictures and sell them. While that is correct from a literal sense, the reality is a little different. 

At Boem Headshots, yes, we do take pictures, and yes we do sell them, but the reasons behind it and our perspective is what makes us so unique and different from the mainstream. Let me explain.

Boem Headshots had now been going for coming on 5 years now. We are specialist Headshot and Portrait photographers... nothing too special there, but what if I told you we don't sell pictures... What if I told you we sell marketing tools? Well, that's something totally different right?

Preview :: Rob :: Executive Headshots

At Boem, our goal, our reason for being here is that we want you to achieve YOUR goals, no matter what they are. You want a promotion, you want to book more gigs, you want to be noticed, you need a greater online presence, you need to rebrand, you want to start a business, you want a new partner, you need more funding, you want to be more professional... the list goes on.

A great headshot is more than just a picture. It's the digital (online) representation of who you are, what you stand for, your personality, your vibe... the only thing most of your audience has to go on before they meet you. This is a massive aspect of your branding and presence. Have you been ignoring yours?

So what does this mean? Well, Linkedin tells us that 98% of all your interactions happen online... most of them you'll never even be aware of, nor have the opportunity to engage with. How many of those interactions could be valuable business opportunities? How many of those mystery people could be your next big break? Can you really afford to ignore it? 

Preview :: Paddy :: Branding Headshots

Now I'm not saying a headshot is the answer to all your business, social, environmental, and love problems... but it absolutely can't hurt to have a stellar, custom designed, awesome headshot (marketing tool) can it? For an infinitesimal investment, you'll get a set of marketable images to use to brand yourself across whatever platform or network you choose.

No more facebook images, not more trying to find the "best" image on your phone. Just total peace of mind knowing that the images you now have are geared to get you the results you want as part of your marketing plan.

Preview :: Natasha :: Executive BrandME

What is that peace of mind worth to you? What if I told you it's more than you think. What if I told you that most headshot packages will recover their cost if even one additional client, person, business, agent, notices you... just one... What if two notice you, or three, or 5 or 10? How does that change the picture? 

Preview :: Joel :: Executive Headshots

I see a lot of profiles online. Some through research, some through wanting to connect, and others I just stumble across. One thing I can confidently say is that a great headshot (and associated profile) makes a massive difference. A great profile is trustworthy. It has a sense of self and personality and I would be much more willing to buy/use/meet with/collaborate and be more interested in someone who's actually taken the time to craft a decent presence. 

Many of you would argue that you don't need to, that clients know you and trust you already. Well how long are you going to ride that boat? Things are changing and times are getting more and more competitive. I'm here to tell you that not having a great online presence will make it harder to compete with people and businesses that do... it's just common sense. 

It's never been easier to get high quality, professional images done, no matter what your budget is... So what's stopping you? How long has it been since you've taken a good long look at your online networks? 

So, how could a great headshot help you achieve your goals? Let's find out!