Preview :: Danae :: Executive Headshots

Danae is a local medical professional who needed a set of headshots for work and promotional materials, we had a blast shooting some stunning corporate headshots for her and also had time to shoot a few more casual images for her to use in a non-professional sense. We spent about 90 minutes in the studio and I was so impressed with how well Danae took to our coaching and the level of style and poise she brought to the shoot. She was not shy to try new looks and it was a great experience watching her come alive during the shoot.

Danae understood that her personal brand is crucial in developing a solid online presence and she wanted to get images that would last and give her the confidence to network and grow her business and profile. I'm sure these will do her brand justice and will give her lots of options to market her services. Here are a few from the shoot:

Always such a pleasure working with people who know how important a great headshot is and who are open to having it done with the best in Adelaide. It's a very intimate and intimidating experiecne but i promise it's easier than you think to get awesome results.