Preview:: Matt Tarrant :: Perfromer Headshots :: Adelaide

Preview :: Matt Tarrant :: Performer Headshots :: Adelaide

What can I say about this shot... It's the incredible Matt Tarrant back in the studio today for a few new shots! You might recognise him from his WILDLY successful Adelaide/Perth Fringe show: Honestly Dishonest, UNSOLVED and more, or from his stellar performance on Survivor Australia... I simply know him as the guy who worked with me long before we both changed our lives and who became a very close friend and fellow entrepreneur. We've shared the same journey as entrepreneurs and creatives, just used different vehicles to get there. So when I get to spend time with him working on the things that matter to him... it's always a pleasure and an inspiration.

Today we took things to the streets and really worked on some gritty new website and marketing pics for him and his brand. We wanted something a bit more street, a bit heavier, more gritty and absolutely styled. As usual, Matt had his A-game on and we rocked 2 hours in studio and environmental images. I just had to share this one with express permission from the man himself Matt Tarrant. More to come... if he lets me. :-)