Kristen :: Model Headshots :: Adelaide

Preview :: Kristen :: Model Headshots :: Adelaide

Kristen was one of our first ever clients back in 2012 and she blew us away back then... We had the pleasure of having her in again and she did even better! Seriously, how stunning is she! We also had the opportunity to work with a few new tools in the studio and Kristen was awesome and patient as we worked out a few of the kinks. I knew we'd do well together but I had no idea just how well she'd do in the studio...

It was such an incredible experience and once again reminded me of how important coaching is. Kristen has had a lot of experience working with photographers of all kinds and she's been coached many times so it was easy for her to move with us during the shoot. I'll be focusing on getting all my clients to this level as we work! Here are a few more from our session together.

Please join me in welcoming Kristen back to the Boem family! I'm so pleased with how well these turned out and I hope that she'll get years of use and lots of work out of them! In fact, I have no doubt! Comments and thoughts welcome!