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Wow. Just Wow. What an amazing experience with the guys at Inside Infrastructure. From a set of epic headshots for the entire team, to a series on branding style images and a perpetual group-shot over the last 2 days. It was a total marathon but the guys took it in their stride and even had the energy let to make a few jokes and keep us entertained. We started off by getting brand new styled headshots for each of the team members (which are stunning) then we switched gears to get images of their brand new offices and interiors, then switched gears again with the whole team coming into the studio or a perpetual group-shot. We finished of the session today with a set of super stunning, styled, life-style type images for their website and marketing materials.

I need to make special mention of Rhiannon, who coordinated the shoot with total efficiency and kept thing running smoothly as well as each member o the team, you guys rock and made my job very easy! Here are a few examples of the styles banner and branding images we’ve created or them:

It’s always such a pleasure working with talented teams and people willing to do what it takes to get stellar images. These guys are on the right track and i’m sure the new branding and images will see them well into the future!

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