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Preview :: Holly :: Entrepreneur Headshots :: Adelaide

Holly is a local entrepreneur and personal trainer specialising in helping professionals prevent burnout without complex diets or lengthy exercise and we got the opportunity to work on her headshots and branding in the studio. We had such a good time with her and I just love the simplicity of the images we were able to get with her.

I tell everyone that the more complex you go with your branding, the harder it will be to create a compelling message. This is especially true when talking about headshots and branding images. Less is always more in this case and i worked really hard to keep it simple and to reduce the noise in Holly’s branding package. We went for looks that would naturally flatter her and show her in an honest, but stylish way. Here are a ew more from our headshot session with her:

It was such a pleasure working with Holly on these and it’s always so inspiring working with people who take their branding and businesses seriously and who want to put only the best on their marketing. Holly had a strong sense of what she wanted and that made it really easy for us to guide her and coach her to get the best out o her for the duration of the shoot. I’m super impressed with what we were able to do with her and i’m very excited to see these go up on the her socials and marketing materials!