Courtney :: Dancer Headshots :: Boem Headshots Adelaide

Courtney is a super bubbly and energetic dancer here in Adelaide looking to make it big in the dace and performance arenas this year and it was our privilege to work on her amazing set of headshots in the studio. She came in having seen quite a few of her friends come through and wanted something similar, but with a little more “Courtney” thrown in. We rose to the challenge!

Courtney was amazing g in front of the camera and it was extremely easy capturing these stunning headshots for her. We kept things super simple to keep the focus solely on her but added just a touch of flair and colour to her set to lift them commercially. I think they turned out super awesome! Here are a few more from our set together:

Please join us in welcoming Courtney to the Boem family. I’m so incredibly proud of her and i’m sure these will serve her well as she builds up her career.

Thanks for stopping in!