Specialised Perpetual Group Shots by Boem Headshots

We've all seen them. Those stale, old-fashioned group shots that are more of an afterthought than an actual conscious effort. They are awful! We know! To solve this problem Boem Headshots has developed a specialised technique to capture stunning images of your team, consistently, over years and the best part? We don't even need you in the same room at the same time.

Boem Headshots can create stunning, compelling group images affordably and consistently. We create these images so that as your team grows, we can organically add and subtract from the group shot as we need to. This creates enormous value for you.

Your team never has to be in the same room at the same time

  • We can shoot individuals as needed

  • We can add and subtract from the group shot as your team grows and changes

  • The final group shot can be recomposed at any time

  • Little to no disruption to your day

  • Guaranteed results!

  • You can add this to any of our corporate headshot packages

Booking a group photo session is super easy, we will send you a link to our calendar, you book your staff in as it suits you and hours later you have a stunning, perpetual group-shot of your team that can grow and change as needed! How great is that!

Package deals are also available, please get in touch and let us design something that will work for you.

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