Daniel :: BrandME Session :: Boem Headshots Adelaide

Entrepreneur Headshots Adelaide

Daniel R :: BrandME Session :: Boem Headshots Adelaide

Daniel is a local entrepreneur setting up a new business and who needed some fresh images to use there but also on his socials and professional networks, we rose to the challenge together and got some really stunning images for him to use.

Daniel is one of those lucky people who found their calling and who ran with it! I admire him and love his drive and focus and his determination to build his consulting business into a powerhouse that will change lives. We spent a couple of hours together and built him a library of images he can now use to create his brand. Here are a few more from our session together:

I wanted to create some images for Daniel that would give him wide appeal. That meant a range of images and styles he can then use for various things. This is one of our environmental images designed to show him in a natural context. I love his vibe here and he looks super confident!

Studio stuff always works well, but it can look a bit “done” and it can be a little hard to stand out if you’re only using studio look stuff to build your brand. We went on to create this little gem for Daniel and i wanted to create contrast and texture with it.

The image above was designed to create a warm and welcoming feeling for his website and love the “lifestyle” feeling we were able to get for him. We got super lucky with the light and weather on this day and needed minimal gear to get these shots which always makes me happy!

We even got a road closure and made good use of it! You know what they say: “if the roads are closed, use them!” I had an amazing time working with Daniel on his branding and lifestyle headshots and i’m sure these will serve him very well into the future, although it would be so cool to shoot with him again soon!

Thanks for stopping in and please join us in welcoming him to the Boem Headshots family.