I had the distinct pleasure of working with a large corporate client recently who wanted their sales staff photographed... we are talking 45 people here. It was one of the best experiences of my career working with a group of people who were so easy to photograph. We finished in record time and everyone just worked the camera and made my job incredibly easy. 

During this shoot I began to think about why it's important to have your team/company/department photographed in such a way. As the thought grew, I started to form an argument FOR large corporate bookings and I want to share my conclusions with you. Keep in mind this is purely my opinion, however flawed it may be, but there is a little science in there too for good measure :-) So here goes... The Top 10 Reasons Your Team Needs Headshots:

1. A great Headshot shows you care

Having your headshots done by a professional is not so much about you. It's about the people that see it. They can tell you care enough to have it done and to showcase a professional image. They will see that you care about your online image and the promises it makes. There is a lot of marketing and branding that happens when they look at your headshot. How hard is your headshot working for you today?

2. A great headshot will open doors for you

The more professional and styled your headshot is, the more likely it is that people will connect with you and want to know more. In this day age of overload, a great headshot can cut through the clutter and present you in a new light... making you extremely valuable and different. Let's face it... 90% of all interactions happen online nowadays which leads me to point 3...

3. Your headshot tells a story... is it the one you want to tell?

90% of all first interaction happens online and without your direct presence. This means that most people will meet you online before they meet you in person. This means your headshot or content will be the only basis they have to form an opinion of you. Can you afford not to have a stellar headshot or profile??

4. The experience is shared and becomes an event

As I saw with this large corporate client... as people began to share their experience with other staff, more and more wanted to join and have the same experience. So a shoot that was booked for 25 people, became a headshot epic for 45. This is one of the best (and most affordable) ways to to have an in-office experience that unites the crew and gets people talking... your staff will love you for it... and it will give them a professional image, which leads me to point 5...

5. Having your team headshots presents a unified and on-brand look to your company

When customers or clients look at your website, what do they see? An about page filled with people with all types of headshots, it's a mess or worse... you are using a place-holder image!!! When you have your whole team photographed by the same photographer in the same setting... it creates a sense of unity and cohesion within the mind of your client/customer/viewer. Can you afford to not have it done?

6. Having your team Headshots done will give you social content for months

We all have blogs. Your company blog has value. Have you actively profiled your staff on your blog?? Why not? It will give your staff the opportunity to share the article and feel more a part of your team... leading me to point 7...

7. Getting your whole team done will create a strong shared bond between them

Let's face it, having headshots done can be a very intimidating and personal experience. Each client we work with reacts differently. We are specialists in this field and we have worked with all types of people with varying levels of experience with fantastic results. Your team will have a shared experience that will be much more valuable than a standard "team-building" exercise. 

8. Having your team's headshots done will give you a unified front on social media and your website

When clients or customers search for you on linkedin or on social media, it goes a long way when they see that each person has a similar headshot, it creates trust and transparency. It also gives you the opportunity to have all your staff or key members listed on your website with a current headshot that all links well together and looks unified. Its amazing how far this will go in creating a trustworthy and reliable brand in the minds of your clients and customers.

9. It's easy to repeat

When a professional takes your headshots, they are normally very easy to repeat over time. So this basically means that as your team grows and changes over time, you can add new team members to the website and social media with a set of headshots that don't look different to the previous set done. This will give you enormous peace of mind and sets the tone for a risk-free set of images that can remain consistent over time. 

10. It will help you stand out from the crowd.

A great headshot will do wonders for an individual. Set them apart, show that they take their jobs/career seriously and want to put their best foot forward. This is also true for teams and companies as a whole. The more you can do to set yourself apart from another business, the better you and your team will do. Not all headshots need be boring or bland... you can setup a session they fit in with your brand and values to speak to your audience... what's stopping you?

Well, if you've made it this far through the article, i'm seriously impressed! Well done. Did this info resonate with you? Do you still have questions or comments on getting your team's headshots done? I'd be more than happy to have a discussion with you around it. 

Thanks for stopping in and reading through my ramble. As you can probably tell, i'm very passionate about headshots, personal branding, brand strategy and maximising your impact on social media and the media generally. I'd love to work with you and your team.




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