Editing on a headshot :: My Philosophy

So there it is! My complete editing and retouching philosophy. It’s actually really simple, takes a bit of time, but simple non-the-less. I believe in real images, real people and not too much photoshop shenanigans.

When people look at your headshot, then meet you, the last thing you want is a knee-jerk reaction like: “wow, that’s not you”. So, over the years I’ve really narrowed down my skill as a retoucher and developed a list of things I won’t do to a headshot. In the image above you can see the result off all that work.

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How to prepare for your Headshots

Hi Guys! I wanted to share a little video i did to help you prepare for your headshot session with us. It’s really basic but i think it will answer some o the top questions most of our clients have had over the years. Please give it a watch and if i’ve missed anything or if there is something you’d like me to cover, please get in touch or just leave us a comment. As always, it’s great to get your questions so keep them coming!

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Latest Studio and Cinematic Headshot Styles for 2018-2019

You guys know how seriously I take the quality and variety we offer in the studio and today I wanted to take the time to show you the work we've been putting in behind the scenes to develop new styles and backgrounds for the studio. We've been working on these for a while but finally got a stunning model in to showcase a few of the latest ones.

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Pep :: Outtake :: Adelaide

You guys all know him. We've worked together before. Today we had the opportunity to work with Pep again on a much larger scale. This is a quick light-test and outtake from the session today, and i was compelled to share it. What a great guy and so talented! More to come (if he lets me).

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New Year, New Headshot :: My experience updating my branding for 2018

I'll be the first to admit that I sometimes struggle with "getting started" in that department. This year I vowed to be a doer, an early starter, a mover and to do those things I've been putting off. So in the spirit of that, I went into the studio today to reshoot my personal branding and to update the branding we use for Boem Headshots.

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