10 reasons you need a Standing Desk

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Being a photographer is awesome and i’m grateful everyday or the opportunity to do what I love and to work with my amazing clients. Having said that, I’ve become very aware of just how much time I spend sitting down in-front of a screen the past few years, especially when I’m editing and doing all the behind the scenes magic. It got to a stage where I realised how badly it was affecting things like my posture, my weight and my overall health… so I made a decision to get a standing desk… sounds easy right? Wrong!

My basic requirements were to have a desk I could have both my laptop and my screen on, and be able to move it around in the studio easily… I looked for about a week at a plethora of different options… all way outside my budget when i came across this little gem from ikea!

Images taken from the Ikea website

Images taken from the Ikea website

This “trolley” is built like a tank! The castors are great quality as is the rest of the unit. I bought it and took it to the studio to assemble it which took a bit of time i’ll be honest. The top of the unit is made from plywood and I took it upon myself to sand it down a little and sealed it with satin varnish to protect it from the inevitable coffee spill!

One little note to make, i’m 1.63m tall and this desk is the perfect height or me, it might not be ideal if you’re a little taller (most of the population) and I can’t vouch for it to suit everyone. Having said that, I’m totally in-love with it.

Some of the things i’ve noticed since getting it:

  1. I now stand for 5-10 hours in the studio most days without sitting down. I’m constantly on my feet and I’ve needed to buy the appropriate shoes as my feet were killing me after the first day but it’s been awesome!

  2. I’ve stopped the slouch! My posture is so much better even after only having the desk for a few weeks.

  3. My work is much faster. I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in my productivity as the standing position has helped me focus more and for longer periods of time.

  4. I’m getting much more movement during the day. Because you’re in a standing position, it’s very easy to take a step back, stretch and move around a bit without having to stand up completely and move a chair.

  5. My weight has stabilised. I’m not gaining weight as fast (urg) as I was before the desk, and I expect I’ll be loosing some of it soon as I use it. It was dramatic how quickly my metabolism picked up once a started standing for 5-10 hours a day.

  6. My core muscles are getting much stronger. Now I’ve not got my six-pack back yet, that will only come from training, but I’ve noticed that my core is more stable, my back isn’t as sore and I’m a lot more mobile since I started the standing routine.

  7. I’m using the studio a lot more. I shoot tethered to my laptop 100% of the time and getting from one corner of the studio to shoot in another was always a chore or me, now I can wheel the cart to wherever I need it and shoot. This has given me so much more freedom to use my space in new creative ways… making my clients happier!

  8. All my most used gear is at my fingertips. I use quite a few bits and pieces from triggers to grey cards, card readers, grip gear, cases and bags, chargers, screen calibration stuff and wacom tablets. Having all of that on the cart makes it dead easy to grab and go as well as keep everything charged on the fly.

  9. My workflow has sped up. As my images transfer to the laptop, i tend to go over to have a look on a large monitor to check things like highlights and shadows very often as it’s not ideal to do this on a camera screen. By having the cart right next to me, it’s stopped me rom having to walk over to a desk to do this… also, my clients get to see live previews much easier without them having to get up and interrupt the low o the shoot.

  10. It just looks damn cool! I love how well the cart integrates with the rest of the decor in the studio. It suit the rest of stuff very well and and has a real nice industrial feeling to it.

So if you’ve been thinking of getting a standing desk or a cart, i hope this helps you make the decision. As i mentioned before, it’s very important to do your research and find the one that’s going to give you what you want as well as suit your budget. I’m very happy with the change and i highly recommend you look into it or your own work.

Any questions, please shout out and i’ll do my best to answer them.

Thanks or stopping in!