Latest Studio and Cinematic Headshot Styles for 2018-2019

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You guys know how seriously I take the quality and variety we offer in the studio and today I wanted to take the time to show you the work we've been putting in behind the scenes to develop new styles and backgrounds for the studio. We've been working on these for a while but finally got a stunning model in to showcase a few of the latest ones.

Now we still offer all of our existing looks and styles but have added 3 new cinematic options, and when you combine those together, we have an almost infinite amount of new combinations to create any look and feel for you. From a more grungy and edgy style to more open and lighter style, the choice is yours. So let's dive right into our current Signature Studio Styles:

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Our Signature Studio Headshot Styles

Our Signature Studio Headshot Styles are clean, modern, bright and very effective online for most of our clients. These are very easy to use and to manipulate to suit a variety of uses online like website backgrounds, banner images, advertising campaign headers and more. Because the backgrounds are plain, most web designers will be able to stretch those out to create an infinite amount of variations for you. These looks all form part of our signature look.

Preview :: Kristen :: Model Headshots :: Adelaide

The White Background

This is our most popular look. A simple white background. This is also our most versatile look for use online as it is very easy to manipulate the background for other uses and platforms. The white background is clean, modern, striking, and very on-trend right now. It works with most skin-tones and textures and is very flattering. The contrast created by the white background is extremely easy to convert to black and white as well if you're that way inclined. Any skilled retoucher will also be able to easily remove the background if you need it.

Preview :: Kristen :: Model Headshots :: Adelaide

The Grey Background

Grey has so much personality! It's almost like it creates it's own style and feeling in an image. We can vary the intensity of it as well as how dramatic it appears in the image but most of our clients like it slightly on the darker side. We love this look as it creates and adds a little drama to the headshot, creates a strong sense of style and gives the image a little bit of "fashion" appeal. If you love clothes and current fashion trends... this one is a must! This style also works incredibly well online with social and professional profiles as it contrasts most skin types very well. 


The Ultimate Black Background

Black on black, they say no... we say hell yes! There is a sense of focus, style and confidence with a headshot shot on a black background. We love this look and recommend it to most of our clients. The density of the black can also be varied and we can control how "deep" the black is for most needs. A black background does an amazign job at isolating the model in the frame, forcing focus onto the eyes and creates a strong sense of confidence and approachability. These images also appear very well online, especially when used as profile images.

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New Cinematic Headshot Styles

Many of our clients need something with a little more colour, depth and texture in the background. This look is our Cinematic Style and involves creating and building varied sets around our clients to create a sense of "a room" around them. These are all still shot in the comfort and privacy of the studio, but creates an amazing amount of options and looks to build up a library of images very fast without the need to go outside. We have hundreds of options when it comes to Cinematic headshots and I wanted to show you the latest 3 we've just added to the mix. These can be used on their own but also combined to create hundreds of unique looks and styles to match the mood of your headshots. Here they are: 


The Rusty Copper Patina

We first came across this look a few years ago and loved it but never brought it into the studio. Well, we've finally fixed that! Here is our boldest new cinematic background. It's bright, but depending on the angle it can take on a softer look, if we light it up it becomes very brilliant and stylish. We can tone it up or down depending on the look you're going for. Each side has unique personality and level of texture, one inch either way will totally change the look of it. We can also combine this one with other looks to create softer or harder textures based on what feeling you want in your headshot or branding materials. We have 2 variations of this background and we can't wait for you to see these in person... they make quite a statement.

Preview :: Kristen :: Model Headshots :: Adelaide

The Stylish Concrete Background

So, you can't really decide which look to go for but you do want something with a bit of texture and depth? Go for the concrete! This stunning, hand-made background is incredibly versatile and will suit everything from corporate headshots to edgy fashion portraits and everything in-between. Its neutral tone works well with any other colour (we recommend denim :-)) and we can dress it up as much as you like! The wall has so much texture and depth, a simple change of the angle will create a totally new feeling and we highly recommend being very close to the background to get the full effect of it! Come and see this beast in the studio and I guarantee you'll love it as much as we do!

Preview :: Kristen :: Model Headshots :: Adelaide

The Window Wall

We love patterns in our work, especially when we can control and manipulate them in interesting ways while creating different looks and styles. We built this wall out of two stunning room divider doors. One side is white and the other black to help us create either a Homely or Industrial feeling for your headshots. The window wall can be used as a background on its own or combined with any of our other options to create stunning "bright" or darker backgrounds. We can also create patterns of light around you and give you that "in-situ" look. It's a really unique look and we'd love to walk you through all the options!

Preview :: Kristen :: Model Headshots :: Adelaide

Combining it all in the studio

The real benefit of having so many options for Cinematic Headshots is the ability to combine one or more of these together to create new and unique looks and moods for your headshots. We can work with you to design looks based on the goals you'd like to hit but also the audience you'll be talking to. We can introduce colour, texture, depth and style to your headshots that will create a very valuable marketing tool and will set you apart. The best part is that these can be done in the comfort and privacy of our studio and we never have to go outside (unless you're keen!).

We'd love your feedback on the work we've put in and can't wait for you to see these new options in the studio, so don't hesitate, if there are any questions or comments, please hit us up on email, facebook or just give us a call. It's such a pleasure working on these styles, if you have any ideas for the next set of looks, please share!