2019 Look Book is out!

2019 Look book preview JPG_1.jpg

Here it is. 12 months of our best or favourite work. A chronicle of our clients, their stories, our stories and some of what happened this year for Boem Headshots. We started the book 11 months ago and have been quietly working on it since then. It’s a labour of love we last finished back in 2014… it was time for a new one and it will be a much more regular thing from now on.

I realised that my clients are way too awesome to just have it shared on the website and socials, so we did a book and i wanted to make it available to read on the blog. We’ll also be opening up the sales side of things if anyone would like a book, so if you do, get in touch.

So without any further ado, here is a preview of the 2019 Boem Headshots Look-Book:

I’m really proud of this one. The variety has never been higher in our work, our clients have never been happier and i think it shows. So, in closing, here’s to another record year, full of change and evolution for us all.

Thanks for stopping in!