Editing on a headshot :: My Philosophy


So there it is! My complete editing and retouching philosophy. It’s actually really simple, takes a bit of time, but simple non-the-less. I believe in real images, real people and not too much photoshop shenanigans.

When people look at your headshot, then meet you, the last thing you want is a knee-jerk reaction like: “wow, that’s not you”. So, over the years I’ve really narrowed down my skill as a retoucher and developed a list of things I won’t do to a headshot. In the image above you can see the result off all that work. I think it’s great and i’m proud of the time i’ve put in to get things to this point.

I do think it’s important to put your own stamp on the work you do, but it should always be based in reality, especially for headshots.

What’s your opinion on it? Do you want more or less or is it just right?