Dr. Sally Rundle :: Branding Video :: Adelaide

Dr Sally Rundle is a local business and executive coach in the process of relaunching her website. We had the pleasure of working on her headshots as well as this marketing video for her website and social media. We had the pleasure of working on Sally's headshots a while back and she did so incredibly well that it was awesome to hear she was keen on getting a branding video done too. 

We had a rough idea of the scope of the video but wanted to make it all about her, her vibe, her talents and love for what she does. This was a two-stage video. We first shot a few hours in the studio to capture the interview and voiceovers we needed. the second stage was to shoot the outdoor lifestyle type footage and then to combine it all into the video you see here.

We had such a good time with Sally and her team and i hope this little slice of life will serve her well on her website and social media.