Chloe :: Actress Headshots :: Adelaide

Preview :: Chloe :: Actress Headshots :: Adelaide

We first had Chloe in about 3 years ago for a set of headshots. Back then she did incredibly well... Fast forward to now and she totally blew the older shots away! Chloe is in the process of moving to Melbourne for her acting and performance career. I have a feeling she's gonna do very well. For this round of headshots, we wanted to up the game a little for her, give her more variety and work with her age range too. Chloe is at that stage in her life where she can play young as well as a bit more mature roles so we wanted to capture both.

Chloe is an incredibly talented and stunning young actress and there is nothing stopping her from becoming a very well-known name in Australia. We hope we can play a small part in that journey with her! Here are a few more from the shoot:

Thanks for stopping in and having a look at Chloe's new headshots. Comments and thoughts welcome!