2019 Pricing and Package changes

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2019 Headshot pricing and package changes

what we’ve done and how it affects you.

Hi guys! So it’s now been 3 years since we’ve had a look at our pricing and packaging options and it’s become clear that we needed to make a few changes. These changes were not made lightly and we had lots of advice and coaching to actually decide what to do.

There are only a few minor changes and we hope these will not only give you greater value but also peace of mind in your relationship with us going forward. So what’s changed?

2019 New Package

We’ve long suspected that our most popular package (Signature Studio Headshots) was too limiting for most of our clients. And that most people would book it purely from a budget perspective while sacrificing the style and options they actually needed to hit their goals. For this reason, we’ve decided to combine all 3 of our Headshot Session options into one, amazing value package.

This means that your Headshot Session will no longer be limited in style or background looks. We can shoot in the studio, cinematic or outdoors at no additional cost to you. We’ll design the right style based on your goals and the sessions will include multiple options. This gives you complete peace of mind and removes the decision factor when booking a headshot session.

Small Price Increase

We haven’t changed our prices for 3 years and due to rising costs we’ve had to make a small increase to our base rate. The old rate started at $295.00 for a standard session which included up to 90 minutes of shooting time and 3 images. We’ve now changed it to start at $345.00 but we’ve added an additional image to take it to a total of 4 images included… Making us one of the most affordable studios with the greatest included value in Australia.


Old Package: $295.00 excl. - 3 images - 90 min - Studio Backgrounds

New Package: $345.00 excl. - 4 images - 90 min - No Background Limit

It’s been a long time coming and we’re sure these changes will seriously help you get the best headshots money can buy and give you more value than ever before. The same incredible quality… now with more value and more variety.

These changes will take full effect during the month of July 2019.

Any questions or comments, please shoot them through!

Thanks for stopping in and for being a part of our journey. We hope to keep making you look awesome and helping you hit your goals through amazing headshots and branding photographer and videography.