Preview :: Chris :: Actor Headshots :: Boem Headshots Adelaide

Chris Actor Headshots Adelaide.jpg

Chis is a local entrepreneur and actor looking to boost his online profiles and networks with a set of killer headshots. He wanted some images to use on a wide variety of platforms but also wanted the images to be varied so they can be used for different things… Looking at these two, i think we nailed it.

The image on the left can be used for socials, blogs, profile pics and more, while the right image is much more of a character shot and will serve him well in his acting and casting roles as well as some mature modelling and more specific social platform uses.

It gives us so much pride when we get to create images like this for our clients… even more so when they really make the session their own and take to our coaching. I’ll share more from Chris’s shoot as we get through them.

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